Trouble with push pulling windows and doors!

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Hello! I’m new at sketch-up. I seem to be having a lot of trouble push pulling the windows and doors on my sketch. I hand drew the layout and all seem to be on correct axis’. I’ve put the rectangles (windows) into a group with the exterior walls. When I push pull, the outer wall is the only part of the sketch that is able to be moved. I’ve also tried exploding the walls and windows. In need of serious help! I’ve spent hours on hours trying to troubleshoot this! I’ve attached the file, hope someone can help me!!!

Thanks in advance! -Sam

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First, you made a group of the inner wall faces and then drew the rectangles for the windows outside the group. Before adding the rectangles for the window openings you need to open the wall group for editing so you can add geometry to modify the walls. The other thing you’ve done is put the inner wall faces in a group inside a group that contains the outer wall faces. With that arrangement if you put the rectangles for the windows inside the inner group and push them through, the outer faces won’t get cut. Looks like the easiest thing to do at the moment is to explode all of the groups, cut you openings and fix the face orientations. You should have no exposed blue faces.

Note you’ll have some trouble with the windows I show selected, below, because the inside and outside faces of the walls aren’t parallel to each other. They probably should be fixed to make them parallel.

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Have a look at this too, it is very easy to undrstand.

Thanks for your help! I figured it out! Still have a bit of work with those windows in blue. I can’t seem to line them up parallel with the way the floorpan is configured.

Thanks again! Super helpful!

You need to get the inner and outer faces of the wall parallel to each other. An easy way to do that is draw the exterior outline and then use the Offset tool to create the inside outline. Something like this. I’ll also suggest you give the floor some thickness before outlining the walls.

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