Trouble with 3D components

Hi everyone, I’m Romain, from france, so excuse my english.

I’m a beginner on Sketchup, but i would say i know quite enought to use it for my personnal handiworks since 2 or 3 years. I now want to use it for professional purpose, I’m a landscaper and i would like that my clients can see the final results, by drawing their house/garden and show them how they will look like by putting some plants here or there.

The problem is that i want to use 3D warehouse to download ready made components such as trees, plants, plants pot…and as soon as i download more than 2 or 3 blocks, or only one with a lot of lines, (for example: horsetail in a pot) sketchup crashes, and i have to quit. It’s makes it specially when i try to move, resize or paste the 3D block…

I’m quite surprised because i didn’t face any trouble since i used 3D components so far. I have an Imac from 2014, which i think is quite clean, and we have also tried on my brother’s Macbook, same trouble…

So i think I don’t use sketchup well, no layers or specifics settings, or nothing, and i guess it comes from that kind of reasons.

Can someone enlight me because i’m so frustrated, cause i love so much using it and it would be a perfect tool for my work ans my customers!!!

Thank you so much!

Exactly which component are you referring to? I looked at the 3D Warehouse and didn’t find one called “horsetail in a pot”.

Does SketchUp crash or does it just stall? If you try adding the component to an otherwise empty file do you get the same behavior?

How large is the file you are trying to add the plant to?

Commonly when SketchUp actually crashes after adding some highly detailed component, the problem is related to the graphics card not being able to handle the load. It would be helpful if you add the graphics card information to your profile. You could try changing the style to Monochrome or Hidden Line so that you don’t overload the graphics card with textures.

Make sure you’re keeping your model clean. Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.

Learning how to use layers correctly can help in a number of ways. Also, when getting components from the 3D Warehouse, open them first in a separate file so you can check them out and clean them up if needed before adding them to your project.

Hi Dave, thank you for your quick answer.

I’ve just checked, and my graphic card seems to be an Intel Iris pro 1536 Mo. I’ve tried some stuff you talked about:

I opened many 3d components, included my famous Horsetail, in a new blank project and it seems that i can resize/move or past them wihout facing any issue, I have faced a bit of slowness when i have downloaded a huge japanese kind gravel floor, probably due to the big amount of polygone, but nothing like before. So i guess the root of it, must come from my original anarchic and poorly academic drawing of the house, without knowing however how to do it better ahah i think i should buy a book to learn the basic.

The name of the file is Horsetail_reed, the fifth one in the 3d Warehouse when you type “Horsetail”.

about the crash, i don’t really know the difference between crashing and falling in english, but you know i see the mac rainbow Wheel stuck, turning and turning, without nothing i can do except “Force to quit Sketchup”

I’ve done some purges on my drawing, but it didn’t change nothing…I had displayed few textures like water for a pool, wooden floor, a tree (3D component) but nothing so special, and it was a relatively small drawing but the size of the file is maybe high ; 8,7Mo…

I can’t tell you more !

This doesn’t indicate that SketchUp is crashing. More likely that you’ve asked it to do something that makes the CPU and/or graphics card work hard. Give it a little time and it’ll finish up and you should be able to go on to the next thing.

The fact that you can open the horsetail component in a blank file and manipulate it would indicate there’s nothing wrong with the component. It’s probably just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I imagine you’ve added a lot of highly detailed components to your model and perhaps add a lot of detail yourself. You could go through the components and examine them to see how they could be simplified.

Again, turning off texture display and shadows will help ease the load on your graphics card.

For helping @DaveR and others help you: from the model page you’re downloading from, type control-shift-L.

If I search for “horsetail” and sort by popularity and select the first one, and hit ctrl-shift-L, I can now copy the url from the search bar and share (see below)

Thank you all for your helping answers.

Here is the item that i tought to be the root of my trouble:

Horsetail reed

I ve started a new project trying to be cleaner than on the first one. I also set Monochrome, and removed shadows. I finally could use my horsetail, and even resize, copy/paste and move it without any trouble.

But, as soon as i download many 3D components 5 (1 tree, 3 potted bamboos, one potted maple, 5 potted horsetail, one couch, one bonsai, some gravel…) my computer is getting slower and slower, displaying this annoying rainbow wheel when moving or zooming in/out…So i would say it comes from my graphic card…i attached a screen shot of what i did to let you see.

I actually read that since a 2017 sketchup update, generic graphic card were not powerfull enought to support it, and you would have to set up an N-VIDIA quadro card to handle it properly.

What is your opinion about that? I plan to buy a macbook, so what model or settings should i go for?

Thank you so much again guys

As you’ve discovered, modeling technique has a tremendous impact upon performance.
Here’s a compendium of performance modeling tips.

Improving Performance — SketchUp Help

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements — SketchUp Help

SketchUp is a single thread application, meaning it utilizes just one processor.
A single fast processor core coupled with a fast graphics card will always supply the best performance in SketchUp.


Thank you Geo, i should have started by reading those tips, what I’m doing right know.

Thanks for your help, great forum.

Have a great day all.


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