Trouble with 2017 make license

SketchUp 2017 Pro somehow was installed on my computer, I was using SketchUp 8 Pro, but went to open a file from my daughter who is on a newer version, and I think it automatically installed 17 Pro. Now the 30 day trial has expired, I can’t go back to Pro 8 and Make won’t install. Ideally I’d like to go back to using Pro 8, but failing that I would like to run Make. Any suggestions?

I expect you inadvertently installed SketchUp Pro instead of Make 2017. If you had installed Make 2017, it would have given you the Pro demo for 30 days and then reverted to Make. Uninstall SU2017 and use a Registry cleaner to make sure you got everything out of the corners. Then download Make 2017 from and install it. On PC make sure you right click on the installer and use Run as administrator from the Context menu.

My bad, when the screen for the 2017 pro license pops up there’s also an option to accept the license agreement for Make, completely missed it…dyslexia/ADHD acting up again, thanks for your suggestion.

Dyslexics Untie!!

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