Trouble selecting edges in SU Model on 5k iMac PRO Retina Screen

It is very difficult to select the edge / line of a model UNLESS my cursor is almost directly over the line. Its almost like if I’m off a pixel in either direction, the cursor will selct the surface / face behind if there is one, or nothing at all.

Changing “Profiles” to a larger number doesn’t seem to have any effect either and the cursor will still select the face beyond/behind the edge i’m tryinmg to select.

Is there a way to increase the sensitivity of the cursor so I don’t literilly have to be right above the edge?

See the example of a profile at 20, and the cursor will still select the rear surface under the thicker profile line.

Alas, the cursor pick aperture is pixel-based, so when the pixels are small as on your 5k screen so is the pick. SketchUp’s support for high dpi screens has improved over the last few versions but in extreme cases still has shortcomings like this. There is no way to change the aperture. I don’t think profile width has any effect, as not all edges are profiles and some profiles are “virtual” edges to show things like the border of a cylinder.

Until SketchUp further improves support for high dpi, your only choice is to change the screen scaling, which will make everything bigger on the display.


…and negates the reason to have a 5K Retina Screen or beautiful, high res viewing like every other creative, design app out there.

sigh…just another blow to my expectations from SU.

Though big thanks slbaumgartner for the answer.

I also read changing SU to “Open in low-resolution mode” can help.

Hit ‘E’, hold down left mouse button and drag over de edges to select. Before letting go of the mouse, hit space bar.

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Well there you go…you can learn something new each day…Thanks MikeWayzovski

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As a bonus, if you hold down the Command key you can deselect any lines that you didn’t mean to select.