Trouble pushing shapes through surfaces or mounting objects onto surfaces

Hi guys

I am having some issues pushing shapes through or mounting objects onto my surface, it worked at first and now not. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!!

The two faces are not parallel to each other, that’s why you can’t easily push through. You can’t really see it when measuring those faces parallel to each other as the difference is rather small, but nonetheless it’s there.

Furthermore there is some other funky stuff going on in your model, you might want to look into that.

Thanks for the tip! Yes I see, if it is an old building that has been rebuilt on many times, is it possible its intentional that the lines are not parallel? Would you say it is worth keeping it like this or is there a way of changing it?

You can cut through non parallell faces though the workflow is not as straight forward as just pushing through a parallell face. You’ll have to decide for yourself if making the faces parallel for workflow’s sake is acceptable or not. I just tried to rectify it on a whim but it seems there are a couple more things off, don’t have the time to fix that. Maybe somebody else can have a look at it and see what’s wrong.