Trouble printing scaled drawings

I am using V19 Pro on a Mac.
I am able to create a scaled drawing in Layout.
If I print hard copy directly from Layout, everything is good.
But, If I save as PDF, then print hard copy from the PDF, scaling is lost.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Your PDF printing settings might have a “reduce or enlarge to fit” scaling option enabled. This is the default in, for instance, Adobe Viewer. I don’t know how this is handled on a Mac.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac and have not been able to find such settings.

have you tried, it’s all I use these days…

there more advance tools if you click the toolbox…


Thanks, I tried.
Preview will not open either Sketchup or Layout files (at least I cannot open them.)
Preview will open PDF files, but they are already incorrect.
Preview advanced tools are not accessible until a file is opened.