Trouble loading Dynascape materials and components

Hello, I am having a hard time accessing my components and materials from Dynascape software. I have been using 2015 version of sketchup and then upgraded to 2017. The gentleman at Dynascape said that all the files are in the correct place to be read but he can’t get them to show up. I then contacted Sketchup and they intern lead me to post the question here

I just signed up today and I’m not a sketchup professional expert or anything, but I have run into these issues as well… If you go to the window > default trays option… make sure you have the components checked to be visible. Then there’s an icon on the right when you hover over it, is called “details” click that icon and select “open or locate…” then find where your components you downloaded are located and it should pop up in there. Hope this helps? Materials should just show up in your materials folder if you have it in the correct folder.