Trouble creating fur on grass

Hi, I’m having trouble creating Fur for grass texture.
It sometimes works when I group 2-3 surfaces together but I can’t seem to get it working with all of them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
skatebowl.skp (9.7 MB)

Edit: I am using Vray for sketchup

First, you should learn about Groups and Components in SketchUp -

As for the fur/grass in Vray you need to know:

‘The V-Ray Fur button is inactive until a group or component object (sometimes referred to as closed geometry) in the scene is selected.’

Select all the grass surfaces and group them, then you can apply the grass in vray.

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I still cant get it working :frowning:
I’ve grouped all the grass together and deleted any excess geometry.
Here is my updated model file
skatebowl.skp (10.7 MB)