Trnsys3d in SketchUp FREE

I am working with the SketchUp FREE version. I would like to model a building in SketchUp and then import it in TRNSYS through Trnsys3D. Here my question: is it possible to install the Trnsys3D plugin also in the SketchUp FREE version?
Thanks a lot and have a nice evening

The free web version of SketchUp doesn’t support plugins. You can still download and install SketchUp Make 2017 that is the latest free desktop version, if you have a compatible computer.

Hallo Ansii and thanks for your answer. Where can I find SketchUp Make 2017? I can not see it in the website…

Thanks a lot. Also with SketchUp Make 2017, I can install Trnsys3d plug in without any problem, drawn my building in SketchUp and import it in Trnsys, am I correct?

You cannot know until you try.

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