Triple-click selection in one click

Hello, Tripple-click selection in one click… There is a script, extension, shortcut or something other to do that?

I’ve never seen anything like that. How would it help you? And if it was running and you only want a single click or a double click, what happens?

Thanks for answear DaveR. I would like something to switch from normal sketchup function-workflow to that I’m searching for. That can help me to select a lot of entities on a massive file and to create groups.

You can assign a shortcut for when a face or edge is already selected.

Select a face, then open the Preferences dialog to the Shortcuts panel.
Choose “Edit/Item/Select/All Connected” in the Function list.
Click in the “Add Shortcut” box and type the keychord you wish, then click the + button.
Click the OK button to save the new shortcut.

Now whenever a face or edge is selected you can use the shortcut.


I use AutoHotKey to assign keys to do a single and a double mouse click…

Thank you DanRathbun ! It’s a good method.
Thank you paul.mcalenan, I will try.