Trimble should add sheets to Sketchup

I would be the happiest man alive if there would be sheets in sketchup simular to that we see in Microsoft Exel. And you would be able to move componments between and edit in one sheet and see it change in the other. Scenes would be much easier to use and my model would be much more organized. Is this something that developers have been thinking about?


Sounds like your describing Layout pages ?

A multiverse! :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :earth_africa:

I’m not sure if a single SketchUp model file should consist of multiple separate models, or whether that would create confusion or bloat. But if you mean the GUI paradigm of a tabbed (multiple) document interface (working with multiple .skp files at the same time), that would be definitely a good request.

Unless you are on Mac, in which case it is already there :wink: Well, MDI anyway.