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Hello SketchUp folks,

The Problem
The Marine Construction division at Trimble offers a product called Trimble Marine Construction Software (TMC) for dredging and excavating operations in ports, harbors, and other coastal areas. This software can import SketchUp models of different construction machines - excavators, cranes, dredges - so the operator can visualize the machine’s movement above/below the water. These machines and their various attachments often vary for each customer, therefore a standard model does not fit every situation. As awesome as SketchUp is, most of these operators do not have the time to build a SketchUp model for their machine.

The Question
We would like to create a list of qualified SketchUp contractors who can be contacted by these operators to create SketchUp models for these construction machines. This list will be distributed to the Trimble Dealer network. If you would like to be included please send me a message with your credentials and experience, region or language preference, information on your company (licensed businesses preferred), and contact info.

Happy SketchUping,
Trimble Marine Team



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I am a SU user since SU6 based in NZ doing mainly architectural design, probably not a big market in this country for your requirements, but I would be interested in looking at any opportunities that may come up. I am keen on any new challenges.

Lincoln Brooke
Outline architectural

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