Trimble Connect for Home Access of Pro files


Our school uses province/state licensing of Pro

Having difficulty after my students publish files from school based SketchUp Pro 2018 to Trimble Connect for use on Sketchup free (wish to do home work).

Error message is that once the file goes to Free version it upgrades it automatically to the 2019 version and therefore student cannot then open it back at school the next day as 2018 version.
Any suggestions (our government is typically slow to get the newest version licensing organized).


I have an extension just for this, but haven’t updated it to support SketchUp 2019 files yet :frowning: .

A whole other way to solve it is for the students to use SketchUp 2017 Make at home, and Save as the 2017 format when using version 2018 in school. Make 2017 is btw much more similar to Pro 2018 than the web version is, so although it doesn’t have section fills and the latest bug fixes it may be just as good for them. Also it supports extensions.


When thinking of it, doesn’t Trimble connect offer models to be downloaded in earlier versions? It would sure make sense to have such a feature.


Hi @ajjohnson1

You can download 2018 or 2017 .skp files from SketchUp Free so that you can open them again in SketchUp Pro. Hope this helps.