Trimble Cart is broken: unable to purchase SketchUp Pro

I noticed that there is a deleted account which has the role set to “Account Owner”. This is likely the issue.

That does look exactly like the kind of thing to cause a Trimble system meltdown.
Easy fix tho

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Not on my end it seems.

That’s not a deleted ‘account’ persé, but at some point, the Trimble ID that was the owner, deleted his/her Trimble ID.
So, nitpickerypick, it is a ‘deleted user’.
However, he/she was the main account owner and therefore, the only one that can make changes in the plansettings. (An Owner can also add a member to the account as ‘second account owner’, provided this member isn’t already an owner of another account)…

FWIW, don’t try to delete an account, say you have a personal and another, deleting the personal (because you don’t wanna see it, for instance) will delete that Trimble ID.

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I had similar problems after taking out a subscription to SketchupPRO…took me over a week to actually download the software…ever since am still getting issues logging on at times…very frustrating

Fixed and solved by @MikeWayzovski the Trimble ID Guru.

or so I thought.

Still can’t buy SketchUp :frowning:

Finally resolved after the engineering department did a data cleanup on my Trimble ID, too many accounts and the primary one was deleted.

Don’t do that…