Trim gable wall sheathing

Hi i’m trying to trim the unwanted plywood sheet on a gable wall but need some suggestions on how best to do this tia for any help

How did you making the sheathing? Is it a group or component? I’d trace the top of the wall framing and use Push/Pull.

Like Dave said.

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Thanks for the replys guy’s . The 8, x 4 sheets are all groups , i need to trim the gable cuts . i think i made a few (lots) mistakes along the way . So i will start from fresh , i will get it right eventually .as i get older the learning curve gets longer LOL

You can edit each group and cut it off as indicated.

here is the fileUntitled.skp (132.4 KB)

You need to open the group for editing before drawing the cut line on the panel. Then, while it’s still open for editing, push away the waste.

To open the group for editing, either double click on it with the Select tool or right click on it and choose Edit Group.

Thanks Dave i will give it a go

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