Trig function, how to calculate an riverse tan in an dynamic component


I have a problem with an Dynamic component,

I have to calculate an degree with the trig function tan^-1 function.

If I would calculate it by hand it would be like this:

degree = tan^-1(opposite/adjacent)

how can I tap this into the dynamic attribute dialog box. At function, I just can find tan(num), atan(num) and

hopefully someone can help me :wink:

I think you want the ATAN(n) function. According to the docs:

The ATAN function returns the inverse tangent of the number in degrees.

It’s not clear whether the range returned is -90 to +90 degrees (similar to Ruby atan(n)) or -180 to +180 degrees (similar to Ruby atan2(n)) … maybe someone can clarify this (my guess would be the latter).