Trial to Full version

Hi, does anyone know how to fully cancel the trial version? I’ve purchased the full (pro) version and I’m able to use it web-based, however, the desktop app keeps reverting to the trial version.
For example, I am unable to export to dwg in trial mode. Thank you!

Try logging out and then back in. That should trigger something.
What product did you buy? (How much did you pay)
And did you buy it directly from Trimble or via a third party reseller?

Thanks for the quick response Mike! I tried logging out and back in again but the option to export is still grayed out.
I bought sketchup pro from the Trimble website and the subscription was $299.
Would it be possible for you or someone to export a model if I attach it? I am ultimately trying to import it into Revit LT but when that didn’t work, I tried to export to dwg, dxf, fbx and all failed on the web-based version of sketchup pro.
I reached out to support and they recommend I try exporting in the desktop version instead. That’s when I ran into issues with the trial version verses the full pro version. Not sure if that’s the actual issue but I can’t think of why else the exporting option would be grayed out.

So you should be able to use the desktop version to export. It has a different UI, so it would be at a different spot:

File->Export->3D Model then select the right format:

FWIW. Usually, one goes from Revit to SketchUp. what is it that you want to use in Revit. From what I have read her on the forum, SketchUp plays well with other software, but the other software doesn’t like SketchUp evenly…

I tried to export again and realized the Export > 3D Model is likely grayed out due to the camera view (not the trial vs full version). I thought the only way to export to 3D was to be in perspective but let me know if that’s not true.
And yes I completely agree with the Revit to SketchUp workflow (as opposed to the reverse). Unfortunately I inherited the SketchUp model and now the client wants it in Revit. I was hoping to import the SU model, in order to make it easier to remodel in Revit, but I suppose I could just keep them in separate programs and reference it that way. Thanks again for your help and quick responses!

Hi Anita,

If you have tried to sign out and sign back in in the SketchUp Pro 2019 desktop version, can you please try clicking into the license tab on the welcome window. Under Help > Manage License if you’re already in SketchUp.

On this page you should see if your license is active for the currently signed in user.

One of the common causes for this, can be using a different email address when purchasing SketchUp compared to when signing into SketchUp. So this is the first thing worth checking.

Hi Doug,
Yes, I tried to sign out and sign back in, went to Manage License and it says “No classic license found.”
I used the same email address for both the trial and the full version.

I’m not as concerned with that but for some reason I still have not been able to view this file from one of my clients:
It appears to be “empty” with only a few layers.

Originally I wanted to export the file but now I just want to be able to view it and I have not been able to figure out how, unless it’s something wrong with the file. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!

That file is basically empty, it has two components stored in the component browser that haven’t been purged but they are pretty much junk.
I would look for another version of the file as this one is most definitely damaged.

Thank you so much for confirming Box! I will request another version of the file.