Trial does not account for time zones

Here is my scenario -
Windows 2008 R2 Server, running application through RDP Session.

I logged in, installed, and launched the application from Eastern US Time. If I launch it with the time zone set to Central US Time, I get a message that “Your eight hour trial of SketchUp Pro 2014 has expired.” If I go back and launch it with the time zone set as Eastern US Time, it works perfectly fine. Interesting that this isn’t accounted for.



The trial is for 8 hours. If one changes the time on their system to circumvent the evaluation time, SU catches this and expires the trial time. When you changed the timezone, perhaps SU detects this as a time change. @jody Would you think this is the case?


The trial in SketchUp watches you open up software and start using it, when you’re actively in SketchUp it counts a timer down. The only way the behavior you’ve described should be occurring is if you have SketchUp open and change your system clock, giving the impression that time has flown while you were modeling, though even that would be unexpected.

The way that the timer works you should be able to work on it for 1 hour today and then not touch it for 2 months and still have 7 hours remaining.

Now, if you’re running SketchUp from a remote system then you’re already breaking the terms of acceptable use for the software. That is untested and may produce unexpected results. If you want the trial to count down properly, install it on the computer where it’s being used. Note that when licensed this will be required.