Trays cannot duplicate toolbars/dialogs? Really?


I’d like to make different trays for different workflows. I find having all the dialogs in one tray feels cramped and can be difficult to navigate. So I tried to make two separate trays to break up the trays. However Sketchup doesn’t seem to allow for dialogs to be in two trays simultaneously. For example if I want both trays to have the outliner dialog, it will not do it. Everytime I say I want outliner in tray 1 it removes it from tray 2 and vice versa. This seems like a strange and limiting feature/bug. Is there anyway around this?


Perhaps there is an alternative to duplicate trays. What are you attempting to accomplish?

Seems duplicate trays would clutter an already crowded screen. You can make multiple trays and put them where they work best for you.

Good for you wanting to use the Outliner, valuable tool.

It’s not a bug, and it obviously will remove one tray if you add it to another one, there’s just one specific tray per file, what are you trying to do exactly, and why do you need to have a tray on two different places? I don’t think there’s a work around, there are some plug-ins that work like a tray for example curic scene manager can manage the scenes better than the scenes tray, but it doesn’t have the boxes to tick or untick to mange what elements are going to be part of the scene.

I usually have two trays docked with only the dialog panels I want on each. But if I wanted to quicky move dialog panels around I would add a third tray as a tab to one of my main panels. The panel/tab would have all dialog panels that aren’t in my two main trays. If I wanted a panel I would click the tab and drag the panel dialogs from there to the main tray that doesn’t have the tab. This way all of the dialog panels are available without going into Window → Manage Trays and there’s no redundancy of panels.

Here I made a quick video with a new tray, “Tab”, that has all of the extra panels.