Tray panel's width expands matching the longest tag name

Tray panel’s width expands matching the longest tag name shown in the entity section. Therefore so when exist an extra long tag name and you select an object, the panel increases its width accordingly, so in the case you have extra long tag names it covers more than half the screen, you can’t adjust the width unless you deselect the object. Once is deselected, the panel stays that size and you have to manually revert that.
I can tell that the tag dropdown list in the entity section expands the panel according to the longest tag name if there is an object selected.
Some extensions uses long tag names programmatically, so it turns really annoying to deal with that issue.

Any solution or fix?

I see that as well. We seem to have fixed that in the latest versions I have. The next update should have the fix in it. I can’t say yet when that update will be released.

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