Transformation in z axis

how can i imagine this line of code sel_comp.definition.bounds.width * Math.cos(sel_comp.transformation.rotz.degrees).
here sel_comp is the selected component…
I want to know the clear explanation of this code…

sel_comp the selected component instance link

.definition the definition of above instance link

.bounds the bounds of definition link

.width the width of bound link

* multiplication link

Math.cos() Standard Ruby Math library method to get cos of angle

sel_comp the selected component instance (as above)

.transformation the transformation of above instance link

.rotz not defined in standard SU Ruby API it should be a #def rotz method in the code somewhere else I guess it will retrieve the rotation angle about Z axis from the instance transformation matrix

.degrees to convert from degrees to radians. link

Yes correct. But it is actually the Trimble Dynamic Components extension that “monkey patches” the Geom::Transformation class (as well as many other API classes.)

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Certainly you’re right! :blush:

Don’t be embarrassed. All those “monkey patches” are still undocumented.