Transform panel inside SketchUp?


BD Transformation 3

Is there any tools like Blender transformation panel in SketchUp ?
I find it is very useful for composition presentation scene when I can adjust location, rotation, or scale without zooming or changing my view.
I use it a lot in Blender and wonder if it is possible to do the same in SketchUp.
I guess maybe this tool is already exist.

Thank you very much.

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You may want to look into dynamic components. At least, that’s what that first screenshot makes me think of.

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Perhaps this one (did not tried, but maybe will work on newer version of SU)


Thank you, this look like what I am looking for. I will test it maybe it work :slight_smile:

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Maybe like this


Hmm, maybe, can be used. Let me test and feedback.

Thanks all
@dezmo - Move Rotate tools is exactly what I am looking for but unfortunately it does not work in SKP 2023

@mihai.s - Thanks a lot for introducing Wikii Combin Editor. Combin Editor 0.08

First it cannot be installed from extension warehouse, but l can install by via SketchUcation plugin.
It is not exactly a transform control panel but it also can be used if I click on target object.

Very useful plugin as well. Feel like Blender Gizmo inside SketchUp.
This is my first time knowing this tool. Just wonder why I don’t see many people use it.
Thank for giving me trick again.

Combin Editor 01