Transferring work from SketchUp to LayOut

Elevations are truncated when transferring an them from SU to LO?
When trying to print elevations from LayOut, they seem to be cut off where the section was made.
Must be missing a step? Please advise.

Without seeing the LO file in question, it’s kind of difficult to tell what the problem is or how to fix it. Can you share it?

ChittaResidencePlanSetC.pdf (397.5 KB)

Hi @headhinge1 and welcome to the SU Community Forum,

Your pdf file illustrates that you are recording partial images, but this fails to convey what is actually happening with regard to your skp or LO files. You should upload both the relevant skp file and the LO file as well, as @DaveR has suggested. This will enable other users to be in a better position to examine your work and perhaps arrive at a palatable solution.

As out moderator has asked, please upload the LayOut file. The PDF doesn’t provide the information to be able to assist you.


When you make a PDF, you get a partial view. Looks like anything above the plan section is gone.



To me it looks like you have your section plane active in your elevation view. Make scenes in SketchUp of all the views you need, with settings saved for each one, and, in LayOut, make your SketchUp views refer to your saved scenes.

You are right on.

Thank you,

Still having issues?
How do you make your sketchup views refer to your saved scenes?

Not getting it here.
Works on and off with no ‘seeming’ rhyme or reason.
Could you tell me the specific steps to transfer a view and a section to LayOut? Is there some order needed in the pages? I am trying to do a set of drawings with 16 pages, which I know is not that large, although SketchUp is somewhat new and I figure I must be missing something?

Select the view in LayOut. Use the popup menu in the SketchUp Model tray to tie it to a scene in the model:

Should the scene have the very same name exactly?
I for some reason have put FirstFloorPlan on a scene and then have First Floor Plan in LayOut.
Would that mess with the linkage?

Should the Scene have the exact name as the page?

It’s printing the PDF now, but… for the plans which were made from a section are faded and yellowed out?

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