Transferring Skalp to new iMac

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I’m about to upgrade my iMac to a new iMac and I’m wondering if there’s anything I need to know about transferring Skalp for Sketchup.

Can I just download Skalp for Sketchup on the new machine and then use the License Key I already have?

Ignore the ‘import’ tag as that was selected by mistake.

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Maybe I can chime in here in the meantime.

On the old machine:
First make sure you have backed up any custom Skalp Rules / Materials / Layer Mapping you may have created (else you’d probably have to re-create them, this can take time depending on your setup / usage).

Then go to Extensions > Skalp > Tools > Deactivate on this computer. Then uninstall it from the old machine.

Thank you @Julian_Smith

Must admit, I’ve never created any custom Rules or Materials, so should be ok there.

Thank you for your reply. Slowly making a list of the different things I have to do with various software.

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