Transferring material from one model to another-difficulties


I was hoping to use brass material from this model from 3d Warehouse.
But after sampling with TruPaint by Fredo the texture looks different on my model: size, orientation, sheen.
I would very much appreciate help.

Standing Light.skp (3.9 MB)

Thank you!

Hi Eva,

Was the texture on the foot stool and you’re wanting to use it on your lamp? The footstool has been scaled down without updating the definition and this makes the texture appear differently.

The lamp has also been scaled without updating the component definition. You could edit the size of the material in the Colors window. Select it in the In Model Colors and then below it in the drop down list on the left, select Edit. You’ll see the dimensions of the material there and you can change them to suit.

Before you do anything with the textures, I would suggest fixing the scale of the various components. Right click on them one at a time and choose Scale Definition. Then go about applying the textures and adjusting the size.

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Super. Thank you. It worked!

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