Transfering a File Created in Sketchup 8.0 to Sketchup 2017 Without Losing it's Original Version

Is there a way to transfer a project file created in Sketcup 8.0 to Sketcup 2017 without losing its original version it was created in? I have a project file that was created in Sketchup 8.0 and I want to transfer the file over to the later version of Sketchup 2017.


If you edit a v8 SKP in a newer version of SketchUp, then it will be saved as that newer version… BUT in any version of SketchUp the ‘save_as’ option allows you to specify an older version for the save, so you can save the edited SKP back as v8 from the v2017 edit…

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Or make a copy before opening in SketchUp 2017. The unopened file would stay a SketchUp 8 file.

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