Transfer old 2016 Pro license to new PC?

Hello friends, haven’t used sketchup in a long time, hoping to get it running on my new PC.

My old PC has Sketchup Pro 2016 on it. I don’t remember paying for it, nor doing anything shady to obtain it, and it’s pretty awesome. Looking into sketchup now, it seems there’s a subscription now? Different tiers? Forced account creation? I feared this. NO THANK YOU.

The copy on my old PC runs just fine like it always has, but the machine hasn’t connected to the internet in a long time. If it goes online, will trimble murder my beloved pro version? I tried copying every file associated with sketchup to my new pc with paths preserved and everything, and the launcher tells me my license has expired. Can’t say I really expected that to work though.

So how can I make this work? Assistance much appreciated!

The license won’t be killed, in fact you will need to be online in order to remove the license from the machine to transfer it to the new one without losing out on an activation.

Authorizing or Removing a License | SketchUp Help

I thought once a version became unsupported, Trimble would no longer authorize a license install on a new machine. The bottom line being that it can run on the original machine as long as it works, but you can’t put it on something new? I could be wrong about that.

No, license servers still work for classic licenses, but you have no support it you have problems.

That happens if you have upgraded to a new license, I think, once you have a new license in your name the old license is limited to what it is already installed on.

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Oh, that’s right. That’s what I was thinking of.

Stops you buying a new license and selling the old one on.

Oh, that’s the reasoning! Never made sense to me.