Training courses

I’m using Sketchup Web Version.
I’ve completed a couple of the official training courses: Fundamentals; and Modeling Practice.
The final video in the Practice Course mentions other training courses. Looking over the Sketchup Campus course offerings, what I see is mostly some courses on such things as Layout or Rendering – which I understand (maybe wrongly) to be extra cost features not included in basic Sketchup itself, or at least not in the Web Version. There is also, I think, a course on Landscape of some kind. Am I missing something? Are there other Campus courses that I could take?

That’s right, Layout is a separate software included only with the sketchup pro or studio versions, for rendering it is required V-ray to follow along, it’s also a separate software included with the studio version but it can be bought from chaos as well, you just need a desktop version of sketchup.

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