Trackpad vs mouse orbit in SketchUp Web

It seems like SketchUp uses some kind of spherical navigation for orbiting using trackpad, which leads to instabilities when looking from above and below. With mouse, there’s not such problem as cylindrical coordinates seem to be used.

What I mean is the following:

  • when orbiting with mouse, same horizontal movement is translated to the same angle no matter what elevation angle is
  • when orbiting with the trackpad, same horizontal movement is translated to minimum angle when looking horizontally and to infinitely large angle when looking from above.

The difference between the two is that with a mouse the cursor moves, and how much orbiting that happens is down to where the cursor got to, and on Mac that will be a variable amount depending on your movement speed. With trackpad the cursor does not move, and the orbiting is based on how far you moved on the trackpad. At least it seems that way!

Settings does have a slider for you to set how sensitive orbiting is. That might help to make the two feel the same.

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The problem is that sensitivity seems to vary depending on the elevation (normal sensitivity when looking horizontally, exploding sensitivity when looking from top or bottom). I can record a video if that helps.

(all that only regarding the sensitivity for orbiting horizontally; vertical sensitivity seems constant)

Hi! Here’s a screen recording that demonstrates what I mean: Screen Recording 2022-01-27 at - Google Drive

Yes, I see what you mean now.

@mark and @Gopal may have suggestions.

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