Trackpad/mouse selection window keeps popping up

I’m running sketchup on a new Mac Air we purchased a few moths ago. I keep getting a window popping up in the lower left corner asking me to choose the trackpad or a mouse. I can go to the navigation window and choose either one and adjust settings and select, but it still keeps popping up. I have an old wireless apple mouse that seemed to work a couple months ago and will work now, but the window keeps popping up. If I turn off the mouse, the window still keeps popping up. Wondering if this is a bug or if I have something set incorrectly?

What browser are you using?


Do you get the same thing with Chrome?

See “A recommended web browser”

May not be specifically a browser issue but easy enough to test.

thanks. I’ll try it.

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Also look out for messages asking permission to save cookies. If that gets rejected your input device choice may not be remembered.