Touching Faces and Leaving Space Between Them

I love this program but this drives me nuts. When 2 faces touch each other you can see the other face bleed through. I draft a ton in this program and this is a real time killer.
Once in Layout I then have to draw the matching face to hide the bleed through. The Back Color in Styles isn’t really useful when this happens…
See pic.! This is just one small example of tons.

When you have multiple faces, which have no thickness, sharing the same location, your graphics card has difficulty deciding which one is in front. SketchUp is designed foremost to be a 3D modeller, not 2D. If you are going to make 2D drawings like you show above, think in 3D and move things you want to have in front out in front of things you want to have behind. Or give the molding profile some thickness so it’s clear to your GPU which face to render in front of which.

Thanks Dave…It actually is a 3D model.
See pic… I design everything in 3D first then draft in Layout. It would be great if this issue could be fixed. Take a look at some of my work… and
…I love this program and only want it to get better.
Thanks Ken

Maybe you can share a sample LO file that illustrates the problem.

Is your first image showing a section cut so we’re looking down the inside of the molding?

Yes, exactly. Tomorrow when I’m at it again I’ll post some more images. What I’ve been doing as a work around is move the faces away from each of 1/100 of an inch. It actually works but it’s time consuming. The issue doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen more than not.
Thanks for your feedback!

If it’s a section cut, use TIG’s Add Section Cut Face to create faces at the section cut so you aren’t looking down the hollow shape of the molding.

Instead of more images, share a LayOut file so we can see exactly what you are getting.

Hi Dave,
Here is an example in LO…
Each component is touching each other…
I tried TIG’s but unfortunately it has problems on SU 2017…
Regardless, this is a issue in SU…I hope they fix it. It is tiring to move each one 1/100" away form each other.

TIG’s what? Add Section Cut Face? Do you have the current version? It works just fine in SU2017.

As I said before, you have two zero-thickness faces sharing the exact same space. There’s no way to tell that one is in front of the other. This isn’t a problem or bug to fix.

Hi Dave,
I respectfully disagree.
Please advise how I am to avoid this issue?
Apparently I am not the only one to be having issues with TIGS with SU17.
Thanks in advance!

The issue of faces sharing the exact same space? The only way to do that is to not let them share the exact same space.

What issue? Be specific.

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