Totally Random - Would be Cool

Hello All,

I work for a EGD firm that specializes in Athletic facilities. I’m usually the model guy; Viz Specialist is my actual title.

Anyways, I’m working on building DC Logos for our clients - I’ve built a few full on Logo Slicks that contain DC logos that can change size, and their PMS Combinations and such, for our consistent clients. Anyways, I’m working on building a library broken out by Conference - and a nifty idea popped in my head.

It would be super cool if you could have them arrayed, based on their current standing. I don’t have any idea if this is possible but basically it would be The Conference Logo, situated with the Teams, and whoever is doing the best would be positioned first in the row or column. But I feel like that’s a lot of outside references that probably aren’t possible.

Just a random thought on a monday.


Yes DCs cannot natively reference anything outside their hierarchy, and not an external spreadsheet.

The Generate Report feature can export DC attributes to external spreadsheet CSV files.

So this would be a job for a Ruby extension, that reads a spreadsheet and inserts values into the DC attributes.

It might be easiest if there was a parent “Conference” wrapper around the division and team logos. Ie, the logo DCs can position themselves X and Y wise but if they were tied (wins-loses-ties) they’d be positioned in the same space. So a parent wrapper DC would need to “arbitrate” and assign the positions to the child logos. The child logo would use the position number to calculate it’s X or Y coordinate based upon some spacing value (which might also be kept in the parent.)