Ошибка при запуске

При запуске SketchUp 2019 выходит ошибка “SketchUp2019 не может быть запущен из-за ошибки лицензии”
P.S. Realtek не устанавливал, переустанавливал много раз .

In English (courtesy of Google Translate) that is:

When launching SketchUp 2019, I get the error “SketchUp2019 cannot be launched due to a license error” P.S. Realtek did not install, reinstalled many times

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The ‘cannot start due to license error’ was a bad bug that could only be taken care by reinstalling Windows completely. Often, a 2018 version was provided to deal with it.

If you have bought 2019, you are entitled to run 2020, too.
The new released 2020.2 tends to solve this issue.

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Thx <3

OK, thx.