Tools and materials

this keeps on happening when im arranging my tools and looking for materials what seems to be the problem

Please elaborate further, what is happening?

when im moving the tools and the materials they sem to glitch and gets hard for me to arrange them

You mean this?

What version of SketchUp (2017.3?)
What version of V-Ray? ([menu]Extensions->V-Ray->about)

yes that happens

its vray 3.40.2
2017 skp

Learn to manage toolbar space.

• Remove all the duplicate tool buttons at the top.
• Turn off ‘Use Large Tool Buttons’ … Look to the top menus … Window > Preferences > Workspace


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When you rightclick on a docked toolbars, how many toolbar of V-Ray do you see?
There are now two (one docked and one floating)!

Common troubleshooting:

Update your version to SketchUp 2017.3
Update graphic card drivers
Update to V-Ray 3.6 (not Next or 4.x)

Always install by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

(For all)

He has reported the toolbar issue in another topic thread I believe.

Perhaps the issue might be that AMD’s spec page does not list any OpenGL support at all.