Toolbar selection causes freeze on new laptop

I installed SKP 16 and 17 on my new laptop and everything works fine except the View/Toolbar selection. Machine freezes and the only thing I can select is the close program button. No problems on the old laptop.
Same problem in 16 or 17. Everything else in the View tab works correctly.
Win 10, Geforce GTX 1050,32 gigs ram
Old computer runs this command just fine.

Did you install it using right click on the installation file and then ‘run as administrator’ if not, install again (by right clicking and ‘run as administrator’) and when prompted, choose ‘repair’

Even easier, just rebooted and all is fine. Sometimes things are just too
Thanks for your time

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Even if rebooting took care of the problem you were having, if you didn’t install using Run as administrator, SketchUp is not installed correctly.

Just to be sure, I’ve re installed as administrator.
Thanks for the reminder.

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