Toolbar "icon's" svg with text element?

I’ve used svg elements quite a bit, but I can’t get one to show a text element in a toolbar icon. Other elements seem ok. It shows correctly in Chrome, Edge, & FireFox…

Has anyone gotten this to work?

did you see this post…

not text but…


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I just “explode” the text into paths before using it in SketchUp. I store the working version of the file separately in case I want to go back and change something.

I should really use some kind of script for performing these destructive operations and saving plain svg and pdf, without altering the original file, but so far I’ve been too much lazy in the present and too little proactively lazy to get that done.

Thanks. I haven’t used any ‘graphics’ software for a while, and suggestions as to which allow font ‘exploding’?


Thanks also. I shold have looked for other posts, it’s good to know there are issues with svg/pdf icons…

Inkscape has a function for converting text to paths. I think it’s under the Path menu but I’m not sure. When thinking of it it is probably called something more general, like object to path.

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