Tool hand PAN ( H ) work diferent in sketcup and Layout

In Sketch up i get with tool hand PAN ( H ) take an objetc and center of draw, move to here and there, but it option not exist in layout, in layout i get take is all paper, not get take draw.

I get take only dray in layout software ? not want move paper.

i get to center an object, but is hard. I get to do an settings to get it ?

Pressing the center mouse wheel button while holding Shift activates Pan in both SketchUp and LayOut.

Dear DaveR, i try now, in Sketcup ok, i get move object to center, but in layout i move all paper, not move objetc to center in paper.
thanks by support, but it not work.

Then you don’t want Pan at all. Just select the object and move it in the desired direction on the page. If you want to center it, right click on it and choose Center>Horizontally or Center>Vertically as needed.

You is great person Mr DaveR , problem solved . Topic end.