Too narrow pre-choices in 3dwarehouse

Had not been in the 3dw for a couple f months. Now I get a set of prechoices to make about country, and interests and then only three, where i could tick at least 8 of them. BUT, we work worldwide on projects in more than one market and need stuff to be visible because it often means availability somewhere. Bottom line, how do we get around this silly pre-choice narrowmindedness?

By prioritization. Don’t aim for ticking all, but those that fit most.

Users will thank you because it avoids that a plethora of other uploaders check all boxes and decreases irrelevant noise in search results.

In our working environment it would mean I should re-tick the settings at least every day. A bathroom for one job, Stand-parts for another, with th assumption the files are tagged appropriatly.
Part if the usefulness of 3dw is the surprise: found something inbetween the ‘noise’ that is relevant for our project. Its just with google: the best results one gets when logged out and re-ip’d over vpn.

It’s really annoying that I can’t simply download a model — after having to log in — without also being required to fill in a webform with user attributes/prefences. I’d already found the model I wanted within the first 5 results, but I’m faced with a modal window that I can’t dismiss if I want to actually download it. FFS.

Pre-filtering search results based on user preferences should be an option, not a requirement. In the current implementation it’s simply obstructive and not remotely helpful.

Not impressed with recent imposed changes to the 3D WH and Extension WH.

Agree 200% db11.

  1. Why do I have to log in? Why is Trimble following me around in what I use? It should not be their concern at all. Same with extensions. Its a WTF. I think it is a privacyproblem. Non-GDPR. And maybe even spying on my business.
  2. Pre-filtering makes finding things harder and does cost time EG money. It certainly does not add to our bottom line. Which is why we use skp in the first place.
  3. Why do I have to log in into trimble to use anything in sketchup? Why is trimble making sketchup call ‘home’ to ‘’ and ‘’ (in total eight logins somewhere? I think it extremely creepy and it seems they took the chapass option for a licence check, which should be in the app itself.