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I recently got a popup box telling me that I have replied too many times in a particular topic and should back off to let others in the community participate. It seems to me that this nag carries over from comment forums where a few gabby people can so dominate that they drown others out or conduct personal conversations in the general forum. But it is hardly relevant when I am trying to help someone by responding to followup questions they raise, which is what the vast majority of topics here are like! The followups are part of the solution to the OP’s question and taking them offline would deny other readers the full answer.

Could this “feature” of Discourse be turned off?


I doubt if it ever comes to that for me, but +1


Do you know if the OP got this pop-up as well?


I’ve got this message for my gallery topic some time ago but ignored it without consequences…


It also seems to have a timer. I walked away for a couple of hours and on the same topic that caused the nag before I no longer get the popup.


Yes, I’ve seen it as well, and it is a “bit” annoying.

Perhaps (hoping) that Discourse is smart enough that if you are replying to a specific post, poster, or quoting from the thread (rather that just adding a post,) … that the engine would be smart enough to not be “nagging.”


I just got this again. I was replying to the original poster.

This nag should not happen if replying to the original poster who posed the question.

Consider replying to more people

You’ve already replied 3 times to <original poster> in this particular topic.

Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too? A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.

If you’d like to continue your conversation with this particular user at length, send them a personal message.


This particular bit I find the most annoying, it defeats the purpose of a forum, information should be available to all readers, not discussed behind closed doors.


I agree. I dislike the nag, too. Especially when the issue isn’t solved for the original poster.


I’ve recently been assisting a user who is obviously a computer naif; who can mess up even when given step-by-step instructions. So the number of messages back and forth necessarily became large, and I repeatedly got the nag popup. We finally took our discussion off line to PMs because I got sick of the nag.

I feel that was inappropriate and unnecessary because someone else might learn or have their problem solved by reading our discussions.

As I wrote in the post that started this topic, I think this “feature” came from general discussion forums and is completely inappropriate for a support forum such as this one - especially since, as others have noted, the Discourse software is completely incapable of determining whether the multiple responses are followups to try to finish solving the OP’s problem as opposed to people just chatting endlessly, which was the purpose of the trap. It sometimes requires multiple exchanges to cut through to the heart of the matter.


Discourse: Admin > Settings > Other > Replies Threshold / Dominating Topic Minimum Percent


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