Toilet for sketch up 8


I’m currently doing a college assignment on Sketch Up 8. For what I am creating I need a toilet, but for this I am having problems. Sketch up is not letting me link <appvalley my google account to download components and the components I can find online are not available on sketch up 8.

Does anyone have a toilet component for sketch up 8 that they could send me?

The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported SketchUp 8 for almost a decade. Go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser and download the Collada version of the toilet component you want and import that.

Why are you using Sketchup 8?

I can hazard a guess: when I worked at a community college, we provided SketchUp 8 as part of our palette of applications for the students. Some colleges may still be doing this.