Toggle scale about center


The scale tool has an “option = about center” modifier, but you have to hold option down for it to scale about center. You can’t type in a scale while holding the option key. I want the option modifier to change into “tap option to toggle about center”, so I can type in a distance to scale about center.

For comparison, I want the scale about center modifier to work similar to the “option = inscribed/ option = circumscribed” modifier for the polygon tool.


Start the scale, let go and type.


I tried that already, but I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.


Start with a click and release and modifier, click again while holding modifier, then type and hit enter.


It works! Thank you. I’d still like to see the option modifier toggle scale about center though because it’d be less confusing. While the trick you mentioned works great, it’s still a trick. It’s something that isn’t mentioned in the help guide.

The help guide says, “Click to set your selection’s new scale. Or type the desired scale dimensions”, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mention “Click to set an undesired scale, then type the desired scale dimensions.”


In most tools you can type directly without first setting an arbitrary input. Scale however reacts to Shift being pressed. so any value containing shift interferes with the tool. What symbols require shift depends on the keyboard layout, and doesn’t seem to be something the original designers of the software thought about.


Would it be possible to have shift be a toggle too?


I encounter this too and had the same thought. I like the idea of this being a clearly defined toggle function, much like the move/copy toggle with the option key. On top of being available for scaling, it also makes sense to use it for drawing a rectangle from the center, much like the circle works by default.


But Ctrl (Option on Mac) already toggles drawing a rectangle from the center. Why have Shift do that as well? Shift can be used to lock the orientation of the rectangle to an existing reference.


I never said that it should be Shift. I just said that when drawing a rectangle from the center, it would be nice if the Option key was a toggle, agreeing with @Forestr that it would be nice if it didn’t have to be held down. This would be a nice thing.


It already is a toggle thing. No need to hold Option for drawing a rectangle from the center.


Thanks. I honestly thought that it behaved the other way.


Rectangle toggles, Scale (about center) doesn’t.


If scale about center changed to toggle, then would it affect any extensions negatively?


Seems unlikely as extensions normally use transformations to do scaling, they don’t embed the GUI tool.


I think it would be very hard to relearn using a toggle key rather than a modifier key.


Yeah, I have the same concern.