Today’s the day: Announcing SketchUp 2021!


Hey Tom,
Yes, there is a details box that shows up when issues are found & fixed. As @endlessfix points out he pop-up is deactivated by default, but you can check the new box under SketchUp > Preferences > General in the preferences panel.
Perhaps also noteworthy, is that when SU fixes problems, the action shows up in the undo stack (Edit > Undo Check Validity) and can be undone if you want to revert (e.g. in the cases wherein the Dave Method needs to be employed :smile:)
If you undo, you’ll likely then see the Fix Problems dialog when SketchUp inevitably looks to fix problems again on the next auto-save, or manual save.

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Thanks, Mark for the reply. It’s a good feeling to know that you read my post. But despite this nice answer I have from your team about the same subject every year, my disappointment is really deep and my patient has a limit. I can’t wait to see an extension API, components, pdf importation (vector), proper text editing and no lag.

You know, if you guys don’t add anything to SketchUp for while and focus intensively on improving Layout in the next few years, I think you would make A LOT of serious user like me happy and also, like I mention before, make the pill of subscription pass more easily.

XR Viewer, PreDesign, Sefaira… all nice tool I’m sure. But while pending effort on creating them, you totally miss the point of what our basic job is and what our clientele are expecting from many of us: Making drawing in pdf and print them. LAYOUT is a pain in the butt inevitable process to get there.


To be clear, my modeling activities sometimes encounter SketchUp’s close-endpoint tolerance issue even when employing the “Dave” method (scale factor 100). [If I use a larger scale factor such as 1000, then another annoyance occurs: SketchUp’s visual clipping when I look somewhat closely at the 1:1 scale geometry (for context, say) during modeling of the 1000:1 copy. So I’ve settled on 100:1.]

I’m aware that the Validity Check operation is in the undo stack. FYI, when actually requesting to undo such validity checks (which “repaired” geometry) the result is essentially always minor corruption of the model geometry - new edges are introduced by the undo (in 2018) which have an end point at the world origin or similar. Visually, super long and thin triangle faces are produced by the undo. These edges were never in the model prior to executing the Undo of Validity Check. Because of this corrupted-geometry result, I almost never attempt to undo a Validity Check. When I do attempt it, it usually takes another five or ten Undo steps to remove those super-long triangular faces. Then I manually re-create the undone steps. All of that is why I generally avoid undoing the geometric damage caused by Validity Check.

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Looks like you’all have added some really great and very useful stuff. Thanks a bunch! And happy 2021 too.

Can I make a request for a Layout “Pro” instead of the Layout “Arts & Crafts” we have been stuck with for the last decade? The Pro moniker identifies the software as a program that is tailored for daily, professional use. Layout, as it exists today, is anything but Professional grade.

I’m sorry, I hate working in it. Developing an entire architectural plan set is a literal nightmare in Layout. It is indeed possible - I have done quite a few and my clients are generally blown away. But the AGONY I have to endure to get to the finished plan set is taking years off of my life. The lagggggggg, the modifier grip thingy, no components… Please please please, Give us a new Layout, not just a new logo.


I’ll second that request too. Would be great if it could import DWG Text.


How about Trimble accurately validating if the extension is compatable … rather than the sloppy workaround of when re installing an extension being told to ignore the “not validate with this version” warning we will all suffer…


Hey Guidepro,
You are so right - the current LayOut isn’t yet “Pro” at all! What we have is more like “LayOut Light”, Arts and Crafts indeed. Asking for LayOut Pro is absolutely right, we need a LayOut Pro that is matched to and can perform at the same level as SketchUp Pro! A full and equal partner in the Pro package instead of a neglected second cousin!
When will Trimble get this?


Yes Joe,
As @guidepro suggests in this thread, we need “LayOut Pro”!
Trimble has a set of priorities, which evidently do not include doing much to fundamentally improve LayOut. We get superficial incrementle improvements, but not the ground up rewrite of the base code that might actually bring us a new, powerful, and snappy “LayOut Pro”. We are stuck with a very good SketchUp Pro and a quite medicorce LayOut Light!


I’m with you all the way on this! While I use layout likely much different to most, it’s just painful!

The wish list for new functionality is increasingly long and little is ever ticked off! The 2021 version of LayOut does little but fix an issue that was created with the release of 2020.

If I look at the application I use for building websites (Webflow) almost each time I open it there are updates, and many are rather significant, albeit it is a browser-based application, however it shows just how poor the development of LayOut is.

I know Trimble may seemingly want for SketchUp to be the tool that feeds 3D site data, but drawings are still and expected to be for some time attached to a builder’s contract.

What makes my head just explode is that the bare essentials needed to make LayOut actually work have been completely neglected, and like others have said, for around 10 years! Come On!!!


It’s true. If no improvements had been made to SketchUp 8, it would still be very usable. Layout is still hard to use since then. Without Layout, I wouldn’t be using SketchUp at all.


A few UI suggestions;

  • Using win10 & small icons on the taskbar - the new icons for SU & LO look very much alike; a white box with some blue scribbling in it. The old ones were much easier to ‘read’.
  • just like the last few years; again a request to add more customization options for the UI. Please let users or devs create dropdown menus as well (just like there are in the ‘getting started toolbar’).
  • Please make it so that when adding custom icons to the large toolset toolbar - when using this vertically with two columns - these icons are in two columns as well. Up till now, adding two custom icons to it creates three columns instead of two.
  • please - let people re-arrange OR hide columns in the ‘tags’ toolbar. The colors and dashes column waste a lot of space if you want to keep track of the current layer as well.
  • suggestion: add the folder option to the scenes toolbar as well just like there’s in the tag toolbar.

Yes JQL,
Trimble needs to understand that while SketchUp is great, it’s only half the process for professionals, we need a robust and viable LayOut to produce the other half - a finished (Working Drawings) deliverable! It’s so frustrating to fly in SketchUp only to be hobbled in LayOut! The SU giveth, but then the LO taketh away!
It’s like two steps forward, and then 1 and 1/2 steps back!
Please Trimble, FIX LayOut …


I don’t think it’s a step back. The truth is that it’s easier for me to produce better output throughout the total project lifecycle than I could, before, with CAD. Layout is a big part of that and it’s connection with SketchUp is key for pros. It’s just that it isn’t working fast or intuitively, but the team behind it is worried. I have seen important fixes and improvements in latest years. I just think that team should have twice the resources of SketchUp until it’s working good.

However Layout isn’t needed by everyone… Having a swift Layout would be a game changer for architecture - SketchUp like tools and speed is what we need. I understand speed is difficult, but I would be glad to move an object or rotate it like I can with SU tools though…


I hear you JQL,
I’m not sure what you mean when you say "… but the (LayOut) team behind it is worried". The LayOut team certainly should be worried that it isn’t working very well, and Adam (LayOut Lead) and his team DO need a bigger team and budget to make the real base code rewrite that is needed to fundamentally improve the program.
But Trimble has to feel the need to do it!

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I agree. I hope they do too. Improving Layout is critical. All other features seem like details to me.

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2021 looks promising! Linking the group option in the tags, hoping in the future that in the bucket also will be a group option !

Congratulations on the new release of the sketchup 2021