To enrolled sketchup campus class

I enrolled to Skp campus Class, but i don’t see option to bay any of the courses …

The courses on the SketchUp site are free.

It is not in any of the bays and you don’t need to buy it. :innocent:

Thank you all, besides, can i bay sketchup even if my 30 days subscription is active?

Do you mean ‘buy’ as in purchase it? Yes. There’s no requirement for you to wait for the 30-day trial to end before you buy the subscription.

Thank you for getting back to me, i will work on it as soon as possible.But my only worrying is, in stalling Vray ,my sketchup says { fail to check out a Vray for sketchup licence } …

Contact the Vray folks on that. If you want to continue with Vray as well, make sure you purchase the SketchUp Studio subscription.

Am sorry any link i can contact them please, i try to reach them on phone call, nothing works, likes, on their forum.By the way i prefer Sketchup pro instead…

And why in the sketchup campus, no video is shown for lessons ?

I don’t have any information for contacting Chaos Group’s support. Use the contact link on their website.

That’s fine but it doesn’t include Vray so you’ll have to buy the Vray license separately from Chaos Group.

I don’t know why you aren’t seeing videos. They are there and available.

Maybe is invisible to those with 30 days trial…Yes i 'll purchase them separately my only worries i don’t want to purchase Sketchup whiles facing issues with Vray , but i try to reach them several times, but still no respond.

What do you mean? The 30-day trial you are using is for SketchUp Studio so Vray is included.

SketchUp will work without Vray.

We can’t make them respond to you. Contact them by e-mail. I’m sure they will get back to you soon.