To draw profiles T-Bosch

Hello folks,

I am a newbie in this world (Sketchup) and I need to draw (with great precision) this parts (

Where can I found the all measurements of this profiles (parts)?
I know exist some drawings in warehouse but I want a draw my owner profiles.

Already search on the manufacturer’s page about the drawings with all measurements and details but I didn’t found anything.


This page gives some measurements:

Evidently you missed several options on the manufacturer’s site. One option would be to download their catalog which has dimensioned drawings of their profiles. You can also get CAD files of their profiles if you want.


Thanks for your help.
This means the manufacturer’s don’t give all the information. Why? If they share cad files.

On this page ( I can downloaded a file with extension .dxf. But I can’t open this file in sketchup.

How can I do to open this files in sketchup?


They give plenty of information to model the profiles they offer.

Yes. They supply CAD files in. dxf format. You need to have SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop to be able to import .dxf files, though. That’s not an option for the hobbyist versions like 2017 Make, though.

From the information provided in the PDF catalog you can get enough to model the profiles without the .dxf files.

The challenge accepted :slight_smile:
Existe any video or tutorial where I can learn how build/draw the profiles? To get a general idea of how to do!


Those profiles are generally drawn with straight line segments, arcs and circles. Pretty basic stuff really. I suppose you could start with the Fundamentals.