To be able to reset the inference after the line tool has picked it

At times I want to draw a line and I wrongfully pick an inference point but then there is nothing that I can do to loose that inference unless I drop the tool and pick it again.
I would like to be able to hit ESC key and have the inferences dropped for it.
Useful ?

? If you hit the [ESC] key it will lift the point you have just put down. If you hover over other inferences, they will be taken up (or if you’ve locked with one of the arrow keys, then hitting the arrow key again will unlock it).

I don’t understand where the problem lies? can you explain step/click by step/click?

Most likely is the locked inference that can be achieved with the down arrow key, which you can get rid by pressing it again twice.
In the past this behavior was not available and you had to escape the tool or tap one of the other arrows twice.
I nearly forgot that the down key now locks and unlocks the inference, I believe this is my answer.