Tmp files not deleted after .dae export


Sketchup 2015 Make creates a .tmp file slightly larger than your .skp file in your system’s TEMP folder every time you do a .dae export. These .tmp files are not being deleted when the export is finished or even when Sketchup 2015 is closed. You can unsuspectingly burn through many gigs if you do a lot of .dae exporting (say for rendering with a .obj file created via fbx). This looks like a bug to me, can we get it fixed?


a lot of things in the ‘SU’s Temp’ folder are only deleted on a system restart, it’s quite usual on a mac…

I amuse your on a mac as .tmp is the hidden mac tmp folder…



No, I’m on Windows 7, but your point about the TEMP folder being cleaned out on restart is probably correct - and is certainly true in my case because I have a 1GB RAM disk set up for my TEMP folder which of course gets wiped on reboot. In my case I burned through the 1GB after about 9 exports. Anyway, it’s not life and death, if I’m doing a lot of exporting I’ll just delete the .tmp files manually. As a programmer in my previous life it just seems a bit lazy not cleaning up those files after use - relying on the OS to do it on reboot.