Tips for managing imported pics, and where do they live?

I’ve been using imported screenshots (.png) of various fireplaces taken from manufacturer websites to help in choosing the right fireplace and making related design decisions. Although I manage to place, orient, and size the pics adequately for rough viewing, I find the images difficult to select individually to manage visibility (using hide) if I stack them on top of each other. Tagging them helps, but I wonder if there is a better way? I don’t think i want to deal with them as textures in this case, or do I? (I rarely use image textures–partly because I find the texture tools finicky to work with and it just isn’t a priority for me).

This isn’t something I want to spend a lot of time on other than for occasional product placement testing, but if there are some simple best practices I’m overlooking, I’de be grateful for any tips. (Yes, I’ve searched the web and forum, but only saw basic importing and orienting tips).

Also, where can I find these images in the Sketchup menus or in my Mac file structure if i want to purge them? I don’t see them in Outliner or Components (nor would I expect to unless I could somehow make it a group or component. If I could, I could use the Outliner for controlling visibility). If I delete them on screen, are they purged from the model, or do they still live somewhere? I need to trim some fat. Thanks in advance!

Images are a special entity that currently only show up in the entity panel, not in outliner or reports.
(3D text, for instance is added as a component)
So draw a rectangle of the needed dimensions, import the image on it (images have gluing properties that prevent the ‘z-fighting’ effect) and make sure it has the right ratio (might wanna crop the image in an image editor like Preview, first)
Select both the face and image and create a component.
Once a component, you can do the same things (save as, create a collection, replace them in the component panel or reload, search for them in outliner etc)

Thanks Mike. Hadn’t thought about the gluing properties. If I can marry it to a surface and create a component, that will make it much easier to work with and control visibility.

Any input on how images are purged? If I glue it and make a component, does purging that component purge the original imported image file from the model?