Tips for dimensioning objects with spheroid ends

My Sketchup modeling frequently involves modeling cylindrical tanks with spheroid (flattened hemispheres) ends. This presents some problems selecting the absolute end point because the surface is getting pretty flat at the center of the spheroid. Does anyone have tips that would make this easier? I feel like I spend a lot of time manually moving the dimension marker back and forth until I get the dimension I know to be true.

If the geometry at the ends of the tank are softened or hidden it can be difficult to get the Dimension tool to anchor on the endpoints. One thing you could do is use a temporary style that has Hidden Geometry displayed so you can expose the endpoints while you do the dimensioning. Then switch back to your normal style. You can create a style that you can access when needed in LO. Then just select it as needed.

That’s very clever, I’ll give that a shot!

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Also, if you have Grid Snapping enabled, turn that off.

Here’s a quick example from something I was already playing with. Note that the render type needs to be Raster for Hidden Geometry to show.

All of your suggestions are great. I normally leave grid snapping off, but using a style with hidden geometry turned on is helping. It’s not hard to save it as a style in Sketchup and then use that to toggle in Layout, but it makes me wonder why there isn’t a toggle in Layout for hidden geometry visibility.

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Styles are a SketchUp thing. LayOut can access those styles. I created a folder of styles in Sketchup that I typically use in my projects. I can access them from LayOut so they don’t need to be in the SketchUp model file at all.

Great tip, thanks!

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