Tip of day - turn On or Off option

In my trial version a popup appeared with Tip of the Day, it was newsy and gave me another how-to-git-r-done ideas. It’s probably annoying for the pro’s but I would like to turn the option on.
Q - is this possible?

Help>Welcome to SketchUp. Tick the box for Always show on startup.

Thanks for the reply, I have checked the box for Always show on startup and it does not appear, see attachment.
Note: my OS is Win10 Home, browser that I mostly use is IE 11 - maybe I need to upgrade my operating version?
Appreciate your remarks,
:slight_smile:TipOfDayOption.pdf (156.2 KB)

Q2 - Is it possible to Close one of my multi files that I may have open verses Exit?
(e.g. - similar function as MS Office)

I suspect your ToD only appears when you first open SketchUp. I haven’t really ever paid any attention to them because the first thing I do after selecting a template is disable that splash screen.

As for closing some of your multiple models, each SKP file you have open is open in a separate instance of SketchUp so closing one only quits that one instance and doesn’t affect the others.

This is only available on PRO version, right?
Because I don’t see it on mine.

What’s are you referring to? Only the pro version has the option to disable the startup splash screen.

I meant the tip of the day.

Thanks sir!

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Tip of the day is available on Make. should be on your splash screen when you first start sketchup.

I don’t see anything that says tip of the day, but It could be right in front of me and I didn’t noticed.

you are correct it’s not there. Is the tip of the day only on LayOut? I know you have to click through the start up screen to see the tip in a floating window above your blank document, but I remember that on LayOut. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one honestly.

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