Tiny Thumbnails?


As I’m saving components, I’m regularly finding that some of my thumbnails are appropriately sized, and others are “zoomed out” or “uncropped”. The bounding boxes are tight for each, so I know there’s no errant geometry distorting the components. Any idea what’s going on?


A first thought, the bounding box may be tight but where is the origin?
When you open for editing does the bounding box become much bigger?


Each origin is touching the component, each one’s bounding box is tight to it. These are all Dynamic Components, made the same way, all saved at one time before changing the camera location (for consistency).

I’ll comb through and look for any inconsistencies


That may be the clue, have you resaved the thumbnail after changing the camera?


I think you’re onto something. I cleared my Thumbnail Cache (under Disk Cleanup), and resaved my files, all from the same perspective. Seemed to work on the first folder I saved into, then I saved another component to another folder and we’re back to the problem.

I think that clearing the cache gave sketchup a second chance to get it right, but there’s still something very finnicky going on if some worked that didn’t work before and others are still zoomed way out.

I’m trying variations on zoom, perspective, whether the folder is open when I clear and resave, when I clear my cache, camera placement, scene usage/existence, etc. It’s (almost) always choosing some semi-obscure (sometimes consistent) “camera” to generate the thumbnail, even across separate working files. Any idea what it’s referencing and why?


This seems noteworthy- I deleted this model, then resaved from this exact view. Whatever generates the thumbnail clearly doesn’t care what the camera is looking at:


So here’s the best I have:
Cleaning up the thumbnail cache may or may not have made a difference, but something was definitely stuck, regardless of what I changed in each model. After clearing the cache, It remained stuck UNTIL I simply made some change WITHIN each thumbnail’s component (i.e. draw a line and delete it) and resaved (maybe the change had to be outside the component to “reset” the bounding box?). I don’t get it, since SU isn’t supposed to make zoomed-out thumbnails to begin with, but I’m not complaining a bit now that I know.

Thanks for your help, @Box


Glad you got there. It actually something beyond me but maybe someone will have a specific answer.


It’s beyond me, too. Hopefully this can save someone else a headache


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